Problems with Vista/XP Dual Boot

Ok I read the wiki, tried everything there. Cam here and searched, can't find my particular problem.

Ok, I can either boot to XP by restoring the XP boot, or just to Vista by restoring the Vista MBR.

When I boot into XP, it goes nowhere, blank screen. Before it was giving a ntldr error, when the files were already in the correct, Vista, partition. (I also found them on the recovery partition).

Ok so what am I doing wrong? When I make an entry for XP, I put it to C: where Vista is, but when you look at the settings, it shows drive U: ????


Here is my drive setup. Notice that the recovery partition is SYSTEM, and Vista is BOOT.

They aren't on the sam partition. Also, the Vista is NOT marked Active.


So what am I doing wrong???

Here are pics of my 3 drives, and the bootfiles on them:




Drive C Boot.ini


Drive D: (recovery) boot.ini


Thanks in advance.
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Drive U: means EasyBCD couldn't identify the correct drive on its own. However, you should be able to use EasyBCD to change the letter to C: and than assuming XP's boot files are there and your boot.ini is fine, you should be able to boot XP.
Perhaps its trying to use a boot.ini from XP's own partition? From your screenshot above I see ntldr,, but no boot.ini file there. XP's also on an extended partition. This tends to be hit or miss on whether it'll work (XP and earlier had to be installed on primary partitions only in order to be bootable)
Hi Sonja, welcome to the forum.
See the sticky. (Point 3)
D:\ is your "system" partition. That's where you should point the EasyBCD entry for XP, not C:\ (point 5, 3rd line in italics)
(I've added an extra line to explain the "Drive U" message in EasyBCD.)
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