Problems with vista, xp, opensuse and easybcd


So, I have Vista. I installed opensuse on a different partition and vista stopped working. I discovered over the net that I can use EasyBCD or Vistabootpro to fix it. I installed XP on another partition, and opensuse stoped working. I tried to fix the Vista boot with the Vista CD, but my Vista CD isn't a full install, it's a "upgrade from XP", and it didn't work, it tried to install Vista, which got stuck at %27. Then I canceled it, and after some problems, was able to run XP. I used Vistabootpro to fix Vista's boot, then Vista started to run, but Xp stopped running. When I tried running XP, the Vista install stuck at %27 would run. I used Vistabootpro to fix XP from Vista, but it didn't solve my problem. I downloaded EasyBCD, figuring it's the solution to all my problems, but when I execute the installer in Vista (UAC turned off) the window appears and noting happens, so basically it does not work. Right now, I can't use my XP and my opensuse. Can someone please give me some advice?
Your first mistake was in using VistaBootPRO - it only works if your computer is already mistake-free and has no errors in configuration. Otherwise, it'll screw it up more.

What do you mean by "the window appears"?
Well, I opened it to take a screenshot, but now it installed fine... Now I'll try to fix my problems. Thanks for the prompt reply anyway.
When I try to add my XP in Add entries, I cannot select the drive.. Is this normal?

As you can see, the drive is grayed out, and it is NOT the drive my XP is on.
Ok one more, slightly unrelated question, not on easybcd but dualbooting in general, when I try to install directx on XP, I think it detects the directx on my vista and does not install anything on my XP, thus I can not run directx requiring applications. Is there a workaround for this? Also, Thanks for the help again.
That's not possible.

Windows XP already ships with DirectX 9.0c, so you probably just don't need it updated.
Unfortunately, I did a dxdiag and discovered my XP has version 9.0b... So do you have any idea how I might get around this?