problems with Win 7 and XP dual boot


I have an up-to-date win 7 system with Symantec 360 installed. I configured and installed and XP version in an empty partition. When I rebooted the XP came up. I them opened easybcd 2.02 and went through the steps as indicated to reinstall the Win 7 boot loader. When I looked at the overview win 7 was there. I then did the steps to install the XP boot loader using "Add new Entry" selected Win NT/xp..." and hit "Add Entry" I changed no default settings except the "AddnewNetry". I got the following error "Could not allocate required space on registry log". I then patch the XP system to current patch level and tried again, same error. When I looked at the overview only win 7 was there. When I rebooted it came up in Win 7. I then tried to run easybcd in win 7. I repeated the process to install the xp boot loader as above. It looked like it work OK but when I looked at the overview it was not there.

Ay ideas as I am about to give up on dual booting.


Thanks for the note. I tryed everything I could as directed in the forms mentioned above, including removing AV from the system. No luck I could not get it to work. Since I have 2 disk I will build win 7 on one and XP on theother and just swicht them.

thanks again, if you uncover something that might fix it for me please let me know.
Did you do the EasyBCD "reset BCD" and then 3 iterations of "startup repair" from the W7 DVD ?