problems with xp after 7 instalation


Hi everyone
I have a bit dificult stuatuion that I realy hope you can help me with-
just a few hours ago I had a dual boot on my pc - windows 7 and windows 2008 for some testing porpuses, everything worked fine.
Than I have decided to install windows XP because of some game that didn'r run on the 7... I have found out about your software and decided that it will solve my problem of instaling the XP after the 7.
well I have instaled the XP on a seperate partition on the hard drive that holds the 2008 it instaled fine but didn't give mr the choice to boot from 7 or 2008 -that of cource was expacted... than I have installed the EasyBCD - at first I had a small problem with running it but than I understood it happened because of the .net and installed it...
Well I finaly run the EasyBCD and added the windows XP to the allredy existing 7 and 2008 but when I rebooted it just booted to the XP with no choice menu!
I tried to ply with some of the advenced settings - and what I got was a non functuning XP,,, I was loging off at the moment that it starts... no lasrknowngood or safe mode helped either... so I reinstalled the XP.. for niw I work on it and have no idea of how to boot the 7... the 2008 is not too important I can give it up, not so is the 7!
Well I have not installed EasyBCD again yet...
Please anybuddy help!

Thanks in advence!