Procedure for EasyBCD & Updating GRUB + Linux Kernel


This question is as much about Grub as about EasyBCD itself... I am new to both (so far I had been dual booting WinXP + linux by LILO).
I have Vista in partition 0 (or 1, if we count a recovery partition), with Vista bootloader in MBR. Installed a linux with grub in partition 4 (grub in that partition too). I added the linux/grub option to Vista boot menu and it works perfectly.

My question is: if I re-write Grub's bootsector, either because I added kernels, changes kernel boot options, etc., do I have to re-apply something in EasyBCD menu? (I remember that doing this with WinXP+LILO required to copy some 512 bytes from that partition into a "mylinux.boot" file referred from the NT loader boot.ini).

Btw, Great product! It already helped me to restore my MBR, the first time I wrote Grub over Vista's loader!
Hi herchu, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Glad to hear you found EasyBCD to your liking :smile:

Anyway, if you're updating the kernel, adding new boot options to GRUB, and just about anything else short of installing a new GRUB version (it's been on 0.95 for ages!) EasyBCD will auto-adapt and take care of it - all in the background without any work on your behalf.

If you do update GRUB for unforseen reason, your old Linux entry will still work, but you'll want to delete it and re-create to get EasyBCD's copy to reflect the changes.