Procedure for removing Vista from a dual boot Vista / Windows 7

Is there a procedure for removing Vista from a dual boot Vista / Windows 7 machine?

I have looked at the page, "Changing the Vista Boot Drive". This covers the removal of XP from a dual boot XP / Vista system. I don't appear to have mbrfix.exe on my system and this is required for the procedure.
(Changing the Vista Boot Drive - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki)

I've also checked out the tools available in EasyBCD. I believe I need to add BCD, bootmgr, and PBR to drive D. I also need to add MBR to disk 1 that contains the partition with D.

The Bootloader Setup tab allows me to specify the D drive for BCD installation but I'm bothered that this section is titled 'Create Bootable External Media'

This tab has a 'Write MBR' button but it doesn't look as if I can specify where that MBR goes.

I just cannot find anything that allows me to write bootmgr or PBR.
Thanks, Terry.
The button text is "Change Boot Drive" and not "Change Boot Drive..."
I assume the missing '...' means that the process is probably not going to ask me which is to be the new boot drive so it will use either of:
The first partition on the drive with the active OS
The OS partition on the drive with the active OS if that is not the first partition.
So how does the process determine which boot drive is going to be the new boot drive?

As I wrote this, I realized that the process I'm looking for needs to be sensitive to partitions and your recommended command is "Change Boot Drive". I'd be the first to admit that this is not my area of expertise but either the names and button labels are very misleading or there are layers of complexity and danger that are not yet clear to me.
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When you select "change boot drive" and click "perform action" it will ask where you want to copy the files to.
Give it the letter of the partition as seen from the system running EasyBCD
Change the BIOs to boot from the new location if it's a different HDD from the original.