Program does nothing


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ran as far as I could - program can't locate any windows files on Sony Vaio E series so your repair tool will not repair poo
WTF Happened. Computer worked, daughter went to give baby a bath in other room, came back with corrupt MBR and just keeps running me around in circles for hours on end...I don't have time to waste like in the hell do I fix this ????

The repair disc will fix broken boot files for an otherwise working OS.
If the HDD is suddenly u/s then you need to find out why first.
No MBR and no Windows sounds like the PC is unable to access your HDD.
Start by disconnecting/reconnecting all the HDD cables several times to clean the pins (or eject/insert the HDD on a laptop).
Then try booting again.
If that doesn't help, you can use this technique to examine the contents of the HDD (and rescue any precious user data) before attempting any fixes.