program error on startup


When i start the BCD Easy 2.0 Beta i get the error message: "the boot configuration data could not be openened". I can press yes to load it manually. Where do i find it?

I installed windows 7 and after that windows XP; i know, its in the wrong order.. So now i can't get boot anymore into my windows 7 and i want the boot menu back! :x Plz help.

Regards Borgie


It's inside the C:\boot\ folder on your W7 partition.
It should find it automatically if the W7 partition is "active".
Read the sticky thread point 4

i already fixed it. sorry for my quick yell for help. i will tell my solution:

i put the installation dvd for windows 7 in on startup. after loading i choose for recovery -> startup recovery. it recovered my windows 7. when loaded into windows 7 i installed EasyBCD and made a boot option for XP. then the boot menu with 7+XP was there and its working fine :wink: