Progress on customizing Chameleon?


I have a dual-boot of Windows 7 Pro and OSX Snow Leopard, both working perfectly. I want to use EasyBCD over the...more complex bootloader methods that the OSx86 community preach. Problem is, the kexts included in EasyBCD's Chameleon ISO cause kernel panics in a "vanilla" (unmodified) Snow Leopard installation.

Is there anyway to use EasyBCD's Chameleon without loading its kexts? I heard there was progress on making the ISO user-customizable a couple years ago, but the topic has been dead for a long time.
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I've solved my own problem. Instead of using EasyBCD's (slightly outdated) Chameleon, I made my own Chameleon RC5 ISO. I used this site to make the ISO in OSX, then I added it to EasyBCD as a 'run from disk' ISO. Works great!
Hi Soren,

The problem is that we haven't found a generic way of loading kexts that'll work for anyone. The only solution we can come up with at the moment is exactly what you did, and I've been telling people to modify the nst_mac.iso with whatever it is that they needed.

The ideal solution would obviously entail some sort of virtualization of kext paths from a folder on the disk into the ISO at run-time.