Promise 100TX2 And 200GB HDD


In the process of fooling with Vista I seem to have garbled my 3rd HDD, a 200GB WD drive connected via a Promise Ultra 100TX2.
During bootup, the Promise screen shows the full capacity as 189GB but Windows only sees about 137GB. Even Partition Magic 8. Only the last of several partitions is affected.
Is it possible to reset the partition maps or is the bootblock messed up?
... Al
You say PM8 shows only 137. Did it always show 137 in PM?
Because it could be either a driver issue or an MBR issue.

In either case, I advise you go to the homepage of your motherboard and download the latest BIOS and flash your motherboard - 9 times out of 10 it fixes the 137GB issue.

If you need help finding the BIOS upgrade and/or flashing it, just post here :grinning:
Before Vista, the drive had been working properly for a couple of years - including in XP and 98SE, and PM.
Would Vista have altered the MB BIOS? I wouldn't think so...
And during boot the Promise BIOS sees the full size.
I'm not sure I should flash either BIOS yet -
... Al
Vista wouldn't have modified the Mobo's BIOS, but it may read it differently compared to Windows XP - as a matter of fact it does.

It's 100$ safe to flash a mobo, no fears and 0.000001% risk only - we'll walk you through it.

What matters most ATM: when you boot into XP, is the entire drive visible?
Have you lost any data?
Thanks for your suggestions. I discovered that in searching for drivers for Vista, I had installed an older driver. With the newer driver installed, I again have the full capacity. Now if I can figure out how to edit the partition table to recognize the NTFS and the data on this partition... ...Al
Yeah, CG Security is an AWESOME company, and if you search this forum, you'll see we recommend his stuff often.

Really happy you got it working :smile: