Puppy Linux/Ubuntu livecd to backup data/files


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Unfortunately I am another Acer Victim - Acer Arcade Deluxe loading on startup - can't get to windows, windows keeps hibernating. And I hold down the power button to shut down my laptop, resulting error "Boot manager failed to open OS loader".

Now the situation is even worse, after trying all sorts of solutions read from the web. Now I end up having "File:\Boot\BCD Status: 0xc00000f" error, which I cannot boot at all.

Hence I decided to go for the option Puppy Linux/Ubuntu livecd to backup all my files needed for my re-installtion of Vista later on.

Now my query is how come I can only see some of my files on C drive, but not all? Is it to do with configuration of Linux or just simply the drive is badly corrupted. Having said that, I can view all files on my D drive.

If by any chance, files are really corrupted, what would be the most easiest way to recover the lost/damaged files via Puppy/Ubuntu?

I have been struggling with this for 2 full days. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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It's probably corrupted. Best way is to use something like photorec by CG Security (no relation).
Corrupted files cannot be recovered. Missing data cannot be replaced.

But from the boot CD, you could easily replace your BCD with the backup from earlier. That may allow your machine to boot.

Have you tried Startup Repair?

With "Parted Magic" boot CD, you can test the drive as well as recover your files. TestDisk is also included which can help with file recovery (as well as partition Recovery - file recovery was added recently to the newest versions).
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