putty and my server


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i am trying to set up a ventrilo server on my server. i need to use putty (or another ssh program) to access and execute the ventrilo client. i was just wondering, does lunar pages allow openSSH connections to the basic package or what?

:frowning: id rather run my own vent server (for less than 8 people) than pay for one.
ok (i was at school, and my school blocks there site (due to website hosting) :frowning:


and to add that id just pay the extra now?
awesome ^__^

yep yep, casue they'd be getting more money :wink: hehe

thanks guru


it seems i have to downgrade my apache server from 2.0 to 1.3 in order to use SSH on my basic account with LP's

what the major difference and am i going to have issues with that i currently have on my site?

like my forums, and my blog and the site in general?
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There's no difference to you the end user. They're identical as far as you're concerned.
^__^ okaydokay

i got my server moved now yay <3

hehe, just using putty to connect and poke around hehe, im glad i know a ton more about the CLI now