quad boot ok thx to neosmart!


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happy :happy:

got my quad boot workin thx to help from you guys so a big thx for all the info found and offered help on here.

  1. vista64
  2. win7
  3. xp32
spare drive
  1. ubuntu
next up on other drive i want osx

quin boot here we come ...

(will be installing os x too )

may well try other versions of linux or even beos/haiku or an old version of skyos any one got ideas on that ?

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Congratulations :smile:
You can try Fedora. I'm thinking of trying it myself, since I'm currently only running Ubuntu. You certainly have a lot of choices as far as Linux distros are concerned! :wink: lol


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Congratulations, cra_arc, and thanks for your help testing BootGrabber.
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