Quad-Boot Vista/OSx86/Ubuntu8.10/Windows7 Help


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I want to quad boot a system with Vista OSx86, Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows 7.
I have 2 harddrives in the computer and this is their configuration:

HDD1 = Plugged in via SATA, 160GB, 2 Partitions, 1 with Vista, 2 with OEM recovery, EasyBCD Installed. I want to avoid touching this drive except for EasyBCD config.
HDD2 = Plugged in via IDE, 80GB, 2 Partitions, 1 with OSx86, 2 with EFI. Mac Bootloader here. OSx86,Ubuntu,Windows 7 to be installed here.

I want is it possible to install it in this configuration and have EasyBCD to boot them all and to have the option to boot HDD2 using the BIOS. If possible instructions would be helpful.

I want to avoid touching HDD1 and I am willing to clear out HDD2 to do this.