Quad boot XP32/64 & Vista32/64

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I am curious if it is possible to have entires in the Vista boot loader for both XP32 and XP64? It seems you are only able to boot to a single legacy OS, so if you have both XP32 & 64 on your system you have to go through 2 menus (Vista's and then XP's) to load XP32/64. Is it possible to not do this and actually just use Vista's boot menu to directly load each of these OSes? Thanks!
Yeah, we've been wondering the same :frowning:

It doesn't look like it's possible, it's a technical limitation of the Windows Vista bootloader and the way Microsoft made it deal with legacy operating systems.

We considered shipping EasyBCD 1.5 with a module that bypasses the entire NTLDR/Boot.ini deal and boots Windows directly, but it's not our code and proved to be extremely buggy. As it is we have enough support issues on our hands and couldn't risk including that code as well.

Sorry :frowning:

You'll have to just add a single WIndows entry then edit Boot.ini to add the rest.

"...Sorry :frowning:

You'll have to just add a single WIndows entry then edit Boot.ini to add the rest..."

Soooo then....

XP has to own and manage the boot process, passing control to the selected OS?

In a related thread, I mention my desire to triple-boot a disk w/ Vista set with the boot code.
You hvae your own thread wipcguy. Please stop bring back dead topics from 2007 and hijacking them. Your issue will be addressed in your thread that you created. Having multiple responses in multiple threads will not help you get the issue resolved any faster. It will only cause more confusion cause we will not know what was said in 1 thread compared to another.

Leave it all in the thread you started. Thank you.

15 month's ago I had the same problem (booting into Vista or into XP production or XP test)
Surfing on the net I found a solution and I implemented by using neogrub as the master boot manager (instead of Vista's bootmgr).
How I did in easybcd 1.7.1:
I renamed c:\bootmgr ===> C:\Vistamgr
I copied menu.lst to c:\ (edited one)
I copied neogrub to c:\ and renamed it c:\bootmgr
When this is done the bootloader wil load the renamed neogrub and shows neogrub's menu !

To eliminate the second menu (XP) I copied boot.ini NTdetect.com and ntldr to each XP partition and edited each boot.ini so that the default xp is the one on that partition.

This modified (easybcd 1.7.1) shows only one menu with the choice to boot into Vista, XP1 or XP2 and runs since 14 months on my system!
The contents of my menu.lst is :
color black/cyan yellow/cyan
default 0
timeout 30

title Windows Vista starten
unhide (hd0,0) #The Vista drive
find --set-root /Vistamgr
chainloader /Vistamgr

title Windows XP - Production
hide (hd0,0) #The Vista drive
rootnoverify (hd0,1)
chainloader /ntldr

title Windows XP - Test
hide (hd0,0) #The Vista drive
rootnoverify (hd0,2)
chainloader /ntldr
# End of menu.lst

28th octobre 2007 I posted a thread with a more detailed explanation.

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Andre, you posted this in my first thread last year.
However since then, Vista Hide 'n Seek has been written to automate this process, so there's no need for anyone to start renaming bootmanagers manually.
Not to mention this topic is from April of 2007! I am sure that either

a. a solution has been found and implemented or
b. they gave up

No need to keep reviving the dead topic with answers that without a doubt dont apply anymore.
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