Quad Booting

no, I didn't change anything. As for where Ubuntu was installed. It was on the 2nd HD under the drive letter (O) not (zero). It is no big deal if I can't resolve it. It was stupid having 2 xp's when I hardly even use the 1st. I will just disconnect the win7 HD and connect the D drive and install just 1 XP and then install EasyBCD.

If however I can resolve it, then that would be great. I don't think it can be resolved though. I probably screwed up something.



Looks to me you would have needed to extend the K: partition, not the D

That's where I messed up.
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Ok, sorry, my bad. I read it wrong.
Strange though your screenshots of Disk Management don't show any partition with the drive letter 0...
Did you try CG's suggestion with the auto-config in EasyBCD? It will fix your boot.ini, and make sure its pointed at the right place.
That's where I messed up.
No doubt. Strange (VERY strange) that Disk Management even allowed that, when there was no free space following that partition, though...
I'm sure it screwed up your partition boundaries (probably why you got the autchkdsk message when trying to boot into the 1st XP...) as well. Stupid DM.
You should try mounting the first XP's partition from the Ubuntu LiveCD ("Try Ubuntu with No Change to my computer"), and see if you can. If you can't, then yeah, its probably messed up.

How much did you try to extend it anyway?
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I extended it to 75GB.

I also tried EasyBCD | Tools | Autoconfigure and had no luck.

I still get the same error message and blue screen. I will just do it over from scratch with just 1 installation of WinXP, no big deal. :lol:

I can't boot to any of them.

How do I do the repair install? Just saw the link. I'll have a read.
But does this mean I have to hide the 2nd XP partition, or do I just boot with the WinXP disc?
Well, I tried booting from the WinXP disc and the problem is that it shows the "now C drive" with XP on it as
.:- in fact it list both partitions like that so it couldn't work. I got frustrated and blew it all away. I am now in the process of re-installing WinXP Pro, and I'll just use EasyBCD to do the rest once I reconnect the Win7 HD.

Anyway, I thank you all for the support and speedy replies. I could not have asked for better assistance.

Cheers for now, I am sure I'll be back soon :grinning:
Yep, its like I figured. The partitions' structures got all messed up by DM when you attempted to extend the wrong partition.
Oh well...
Let us know how the reinstall goes.
You may need to completely delete the partitions on that disk first, and then create a new NTFS-formatted partition first for XP. That may turn out better...
I blew the partitions away on my D drive and re-installed WinXP. I ran the Stop_XP.reg hack and then EasyBCD. Everything is running smoothly.

Thanks again
Ignore the redundant post (if you saw the last one, that is), but I'm glad to hear everything's working ok now.

Any future issues, just post, and I'll be happy to help. :smile:

(Funny...at least I've never said that one before. Its cool helping other people solve their problems...flesruoy sa hcus elamef toh a sti nehw yllaicepse)
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