QuadBoot : Vista/Seven/Ubuntu/Osx86(iATKOS S3 V2)


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So m trying to quadboot my PC :brows: . :grinning:

I wanna use Windows BCD bootloader for this quadboot , not chameleon not even grub2.

My Lapp's history : I have a triple boot config right now. I installed Seven after Vista. Then i installed ubuntu (Jaunty) with its grub2 bootloader installed in the ubuntu's ext2 partition itself. After that i was not able to boot into Ubuntu for obvious reasons.Then i used EasyBCD 2 beta version in (at that time) to add an entry for Ubuntu's grub2 bootloader, after that i lived Happily Ever After with my triple boot config until the OSx86 project bugged me :tongueout:.

What i want now : I wanna install Osx86 (iATKOS) now using chameleon bootloader.

What after installation : I assume after my Osx86 installation, i'll see only chamelon bootloader.

Problems: 1) Not sure whether chameleon will b installed in the OSx partion or MBR. I want it to b installed on the OSx partition. So that :

a) I can successfully rebuild my BCD bootloader using recovery CD of Vista or Seven (Will both recovery CDs work or only Vista ?).
b) then boot into Vista or seven and add OSx86 entry into the BCD bootloader which i reconstructed using the recovery option, along with my earlier Ubuntu Grub2 entry.

So please help me, is the aforementioned solution possible or there is any other way around?

Thanx in advance.
Sorry we can not help you get OS X installed. We will only help you get the Quad Boot working after you have it installed. Direct from the owner:

We really can't help you with troubleshooting your OS X install. I suggest you ask over at InsanelyMac.

After you install OS X and if the boot loader is not the BCD, you can easily use the Vista or Win7 Recovery CD or their full DVD to repair the BCD.

Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

The information for how to do that is located right on that page. Good Luck!