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I happened to chance upon this website so for fun i searched neosmart.net and i got this page http://www.quantcast.com/neosmart.net
and it projected a ton of information mostly accurate from what i could tell but some info seems to personal so i was wondering how it gets it such as the number of kids nationality income...........
Judging by the disclaimer at the top

Site Not Quantified

Data is based on Rough Estimate
Sparse Data

We have sparse data for this site, so estimates are rough

I guess they're making it up !
The race part would just be using the IP addresses to get the geographical location of the user and assuming the ethnicity based on that.
The age probably based on statistical/actuarial tables for the %age breakdown by age/gender in each of the geographical regions for internet users. Likewise Income.
That's the way I'd do it.
The point is, who's going to contradict them ?
If they just used random numbers, nobody would know anyway.
How'd they know what the IP addresses are of visitors who visit this site though unless the logs here are publically accessible.
They're analyzing it from the other end. Going through ISP data and breaking down the numbers against all the sites visited.

"We collect our data through affiliations with partners, who include advertisers, publishers, ISPs and advertising networks. All the data we collect is anonymous and contains no personally-identifiable information."

(from the FAQs)
yeah right not personal
i think the guys income is pretty personal


well i'm not sure if the site itself is worth visiting considering that even facebook http://www.quantcast.com/facebook.com#summary
isn't considered qualified and the data doesn;;t add up
according to them most users are between the age of 12-17 and yet the most users seem to ahve an income of over 100k kinda nice for a teens allowance don;t you think....
and according to them facebook is one of the top 20 websites while hotmail is somewhere in the thousands
but google is first place..


also they have to have some kinda spying thing becasue it tells you what they also visited not what they might have at least think
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yes okay i doubt anyone had any doubt that they ever did or do the only question is, is this site (quancast) dependable or not.