Question about EasyBCD & Win7 Hiberation



I'm dual booting Win7 RC1 & OSX using EasyBCD 2 Beta B60 (partition 1 is Win7 and partition 2 is OSX on a MBR disk) and for booting purposes, it works fine but my question is when I hibernate in Win7 and then power back on, it automatically resumes back into Win7.

Is there a way to get the EasyBCD boot menu instead? What I would like to do is to hibernate in Win7 and then boot into OSX to do whatever and then resume back into Win7 at a time of my choosing.

Hi mfruit, welcome to NST.

I'm afraid this behavior is designated by Microsoft and EasyBCD cannot change it.

Thanks for the reply. Was this behavior introduced in Vista or Win7? I'm curious because I was dual booting XP & OSX previously (using the Chameleon bootloader) and was able to get the boot menu when I hibernated in XP and then restarted the machine.

But for whatever reason, Win7 hibernation isn't compatible with the Chameleon bootloader so I am trying out EasyBCD (which does support Win7 hibernation).