question about failing vista


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i recently bught a desktop HP computer. running vista 32bit. home. while installing some updates one night it prompted me to restart my computer for the updates. i did so. as i did it froze. not thinking too much of this i simply hit restart. shut down my computer to reboot. upon loading it simply would not load past the windows logo. I tried a few more times to no effect. So i diecided to run the built in system restore. usually its done by hitting f12 or whatever. it would load windows files then head to a big blue screen with nothing on it. okay i tried again.

It got toa screen saying hit continue to restore your computer to factory settings. unbfortunatly my mouse decided to freeze. a few more times and the mouse would simply freeze if i got to this screen.

Nothing has worked. as far as the built in restores. now i have resotre discs from my new computer. its running the same vista as my old on. can i use these discs or im a screwed? and is there anyway to fix this issue?

will provide more details if needed
If the versions are all the same. Vista Basic with the Basic DVD you should be able to reinstall Vista easily.
Just remember to quote the serial number from the proper system. That's the only difference. The DVDs are identical (all software from basic to ultimate is there - just the serial tells the installer which to use)