Question about "Skip the boot menu" Option

I've set up EasyBCD 2.2 to dual boot Windows 7 and Lubuntu 12.04 on separate partitions of a 120GB SATA drive.

Since I predominately use Lubuntu, I would like to automate the computer's boot process and go directly into Lubuntu upon powering up the machine.

If I choose "Skip the boot menu" option, is there a manual way of bringing it back? Perhaps holding down the Shift key, or some other stroke?

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but if you tick Linux as "default" and set timeout low (not zero), you will go directly to Linux with barely a flicker of a menu.
However you will still have the option with a well-timed intervention to choose W7 if you wish.
The skip option is really only there to deal with cases of minor corruption in the BCD, if entries have been added/deleted and upon returning to a single OS, a menu is presented when there is no choice to be made.
Don't ever tick that box if you have multiple BCD entries.
Hi, Terry60,

I'm grateful for your prompt help. Your solution was what I was leaning towards, but I wanted some veteran advice.

Can I assume that even if there was a one-second timeout, a user could still access the boot menu simply by moving the Up and Down arrows on the keyboard as the machine boots?

My amateur testing so far shows that once the boot menu has been scrolled, the countdown stops and a user has all the time needed to make a choice.

Right now, I have the boot menu set to four seconds.

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Yes, as soon as you touch an arrow key the countdown stops, so you have as long as you want to go through a list of choices.
You just need to be present during that timer interval with a finger poised ready to stop the clock.
Thank you again for your help. One last thing: if something went awry, and easyBCD simply went to Linux partition right off, would it possible to edit an easyBCD file on the Windows 7 partition through Linux and restore the boot menu?

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You can skip the boot menu and still dual-boot with iReboot. Problem is, that doesn't work from Linux.


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It's not EasyBCD controlling the boot. It's MS bootmgr which is displaying the menu and then chaining to the appropriate boot loader.
And unless you set timeout to zero it can't inadvertently skip to Linux.
Even if you did set it to zero, you can still use BCDedit commands from a W7 Installation or repair disc to undo the mistake.
Make yourself a copy now if you don't own a W7 DVD.
Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create repair disc.