Question about Vista 32-bit Recovery CD

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I am downloading the torrent file for the 32-bit Vista Recovery (repair) CD. Does this file work for all versions of Vista?? I'm running Vista Home Premium w/SP2.
I have a recovery CD for SP1, but could not find one for Vista w/SP2.
I have a dial-up and it's going to take me forever to get this downloaded, so if it won't work with SP2 I won't finish the download.
I do thank you for providing this service though an if I'm able to restore my messed up files I will gladly contribute. I've been at this for weeks before I found your site, again thank you.


Sorry for the redundant question, When I did a search I wasn't using the right key words I guess.
I am just doing a repair, not an installation.
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I think I misunderstood what this Recovery CD was for. I'm not having a boot problem. It was my understanding that this could somehow bypass the need to have the Vista w/SP2 disc. (The above link took me to a page that I'm either not allowed to access or does not exist????)

I need something to fix the missing or corrupt files, if I understand you correctly you are telling me that this won't work for that?? I don't have the CD for Vista w/SP2. You can't do a repair because of the compatibility issue. The only CD I have is for Vista w/SP1 and I can't repair from if because it doesn't contain all of the information needed to repair the SP2 version.
The correct link was
What exactly do you mean by "repair" ?
There is no "repair install" since XP
You might be able to fix broken system files with this
There are no installation files on the recovery ISO. It's just a way to get into an unbootable OEM PC which didn't come with a Vista DVD.
It will allow you to fix broken boot files, access the system restore facility or open a command prompt.
Hi Terry
System Restore is one of the things that are not working right. When I try to restore to another time it goes through the process then comes back and tells me Restore not completed no files or setting were changed. I've tried this with all the restore points and got the same result.
I have run the sfc and it comes back with files are missing or corrupt, see log details.
When I open a command prompt it opens to c:windows\system 32, if I open it as administrator. If I just open it it opens to c:\owner\user. I can run the scan now and it tells me a report is in logs. When I try to open the CBS log it says access denied. (That is in administrator mode)
I followed the steps and entered: findstr /C:"[SR] Cannot repair member file" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >sfcdetails.txt. But because it set to C: windows\system 32.

I know how to get into the log file but when I try to open it in Notepad it says "access denied".
I don't know how to get the command prompt to open differently.
I can boot fine, can't get system restore to work, and don't know how to change the command prompt.

Here is the message that Microsoft puts out on the Vista forum;
"The Vista installation DVD that you use to do the repair (upgrade) install must be the same or newer version of Vista with the Windows Updates and SP level than what you currently have installed. If the DVD is a older version, then you cannot do a repair"

I'm trying to get around having to do a clean install. If I have to do that then I may as well wipe the hard drive and install Windows 7.
You can boot a live distro of Linux from a CD in "run without changing your PC" mode, and it will circumvent every Windows permission or ownership issue. (It ignores the lot). You can look at anything you like.
Ok thanks I'll give that a shot.
I'm going to finish the download, I can seed it back. It's at 78%, seems a shame to waste it.
Thanks again
Just sorry this wasn't my cure all:frowning:
The Recovery CD is only to be used to fix a boot issue and to be able to use Restore Points. It does not have the option to fix corrupted files. The CD only have a very few select files to do the couple of functions it does have. It doesnt have all the files needed for Vista to do specific file repairs.

Considering that the Recovery CD was only an option during the Beta of Vista SP1 and was never available after there is no way that it could do specific file repairs for a system that is newer than it.

I hope that helps clear up some confusion.
Can I uninstall SP2 and reinstall it? Would that fix the problem?
I'm thinking maybe I can uninstall that, then run the SP2 or 1 cleanup tool?(not sure which needs to be run) Then just reinstall SP2 or do I have to back it up and do a clean install of Vista w/ sp1??
I'm seriously thinking about this slip stream thing as a second option.
Sorry about the link above, my bookmark manager always likes to strip out +s for some reason.

Service pack isn't an issue, since you're working on a boot problem. For example if my Vista SP2 machine ever crashes I can still use my Vista RTM disc to fix any boot problems. Its only when you need to repair/replace specific files that it would become an issue.
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I don't have a boot problem
I have a corrupt and missing files problem. If I can get my hands on a copy of Vista Home Premium w/ SP2 (32-bit) on the same disc, I can fix the problem, by overwriting the corrupt files and adding the missing ones.

Evidently I can either slipstream one or just go buy a new one. That over a hundred bucks. Needless to say I don't want to do that. I think Microsoft should have such an animal for a minimal fee to download once a valid license has been confirmed. They don't. They build service packs then don't make the whole thing available. Yeah the service pack is available, but you can't repair a system with just that, you need to have the complete package. It's my own fault I should have burned one when I added it to the system. If I had the ISO burner I have now I would have, now it's too late. What is it they say about hind sight??:shame:
Let my dilemma be a warning to all who don't have their entire system backed up, get it done. There are a few good programs out there that will burn an ISO image. You can either tuck it away on another drive, or put it on a CD, Just get it done.. Don't be an idiot like me and wait until stuff starts going wrong.
If corruptions really bad and you're going to slipstream you might as well just re-install Windows.
The question is what files need to be replaced? As you still could use the disk you have as the files might not be replaced or updated in Vista SP2. You got the system with Vista SP1 and updated to SP2 after, that doesnt necessarily mean that you must use a disk with SP2 on it to fix your issues.

So it all comes down to figuring out what files you need to replace to get your system working and seeing if those files were affected with SP2. If they were then there is a possibility that someone could get you the files needed. If they werent then you could just use the current disk you have.
This is the last checksum I ran. I'm assuming these are the files that are preventing me from running an ISO backup image.
I keep getting told I HAVE to use a full Vista w/sp2 cd or ISO image to fix these. I have a data partition but Acer made it so you can't get into it. They might just as well not have included it if all it's going to do is suck up space. Also if I'm correct those files probably take it back to factory setting which h in this case would be just plain Ole Vista w/no Service packs.
OK here are the files; See if you can make heads or tails from it.
Checksum comparison report generated by ExactFile version
7/5/2010 8:57:23 PM
Digest file: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\c path
Base folder: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Exact\
95680 files in digest file. 11 errors.
FAIL MD5 C:\Program Files\Realtek\InstallShield\RtHDVCpl.exe
FAIL MD5 C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.0\System.ServiceModel.dll
FAIL MD5 C:\Program Files\Western Digital\WD SmartWare\Front Parlor\sqlite3.dll
FAIL MD5 C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Adobe Reader 9 Installer\
FAIL MD5 C:\Windows\ehome\MCX\X02\XboxMCX-V.XEX
FAIL MD5 C:\Windows\System32\
FAIL MD5 C:\Windows\System32\IME\IMEJP10\APPLETS\mshwjpnr.dll
FAIL MD5 C:\Windows\System32\IME\imekr8\applets\imkrcac.dll
FAIL MD5 C:\Windows\winsxs\msil_microsoft.visualbasic_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_6.0.6001.22230_none_96c2ddfc1ad9e381\Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll
FAIL MD5 C:\Windows\winsxs\msil_presentationframework_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_none_7480d408f711aaa4\PresentationFramework.dll
FAIL MD5 C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-ieframe_31bf3856ad364e35_8.0.6001.18904_none_478f9359c3e8a6a2\ieframe.dll

Some I can fix by just reinstalling programs, like Adobe reader, reinstall my external hard drive and reinstall it because that's where the WD smartWare is. Realtek is my audio system, that I don't know how to fix and the rest of the stuff; I have no clue.
I still can't get into the SFC log files, access denied
Question; my command prompt opens into system32, can I just type C:\windows\...... after the system 32: all the way to the log file and open the detail file?? It's probably going to tell me it can't find C: in the system32 folder isn't it?
Thanks but I already tried that oute, they don't contain the Service packs either, that's where I found out I had to repair using the CD of Vista with SP2.
Okay so who is this person or people telling you that you have to use a Vista SP2 disk? I would like to know due to the fact that there was never any officially released versions of Vista with SP2 to the public other than those included with machines.

There is no option to slipstream the content yourself either. So it is very intriguing that people are saying it must be done when that is news to me.

The first item: Realtek is for sound drivers. That doesnt require SP2. You can just reinstall the latest driver after using the disk you have.

The next is for .NET Framework, yet again can be reinstalled after using your disk.

The 3rd item is from Western Digital for your hard drive. That can be reinstalled.

Next is Adobe, same answer.

Notice a pattern? All of those files can be easily updated after you use your disk to repair your install.

ehome is for the Media Center aspect which will auto update. can be found here. Wasnt updated in SP2.

mshwjpnr.dll is for the Japanese Handwriting Tool. Just reinstall the language pack.

imkrcac.dll is for the Korean Language IME. (Language Pack)

From everything i see there is nothing preventing you from using the disk you have to repair your system. None of the files that are affected are ones that are specific to SP2. They are all files that correspond to programs that you have installed. Not to Windows itself.
Here is where I got that information from.

Given that I then went to and tried to make head or tails out of that tutorial. They get a little porky on that forum. If you ask what they feel is a dumb question the put in large letter "SEE TUTORIAL" and then give you the link.
My feeling is the ONLY dumb question, is the one you DON'T ask!! I keep meaning to add that to my profile signature.

OK on to more important things, namely the information you sent to me. I think I mentioned this way back on pg. 1 of this post, maybe not, anyway. I have 2 different Vista CD. Last year Microsoft sent out an update that caused damage to the OS files. What ever it was kept preventing me from automatically downloading the SP2. along with any other (windows) updates. After working with a Tech for 6 1/2 hours, they gave up and sent me a CD to repair the problem. First they sent me the "original" Vista Home Premium, then they sent me a second one containing VHP w/SP1. They had me do a clean install, (actually I don't remember, could have just been a repair,) then run the cleanup tool, then I had to download the stand alone version of SP2 and install it. From there it worked fine. Given the information in the tutorials about having to have the "correct" version, I assume that is why they sent me that second CD. It was my understanding at the time that if I used the "original" then it would have taken my machine all the way back to factory release.
Realtek says I have the latest driver and that the device is working correctly??
I did a search through Device Mgr. on the Internet.
So, if I attempt to recover these files using a CD which one should I use????
Yeah that site is not known for their patience or their ability to work with people that dont fully understand everything. I have read their guides and quite frankly, they are complex. To use WAIK is not as easy and straight forward as they make it seem. As there is so much more that you can do with it. But that is aside from the point.

Since your last install (or repair) was with the disk with SP1, use that disk.
Some people are pedantic, insisting "they say you can't repair install Vista, but we'll show you that's not true"
They are confusing "upgrade" with "repair"
In XP you could "upgrade" from 95/8/ME and you could "repair install" XP to fix broken system files.
They were completely different processes.
Vista lost the "repair install" concept completely. You can't do it any more.
That site implies "don't believe it", but what they're doing is a complete inplace upgrade of the entire OS, which is not the same thing as XP's ability to just find and fix missing/broken system files.
That's why they insist on slipstreaming etc. It's not possible to "upgrade" from Vista to XP, W7 to Vista or from SP2 to SP1. The inplace install checks that the existing OS is not newer than the installation media.
What you want to do is just cherry pick files manually, so the media you own will be fine. You're not subject to the setup program's date/time checking.
If you're successful in getting past the failure, then Window's update should eventually bring any of your "old" files back up to date.