Question on Recovery Disk



I've downloaded the 64-bit Vista recovery disk ISO file from this site. However, when I load the file into MagicISO in order to burn it to a CD, MagicISO continues to list the file as non-bootable. What else do I need to do to make it bootable? I thought the file was ready to use immediately upon download.

Note: I'm trying to make the disk on a 32-bit computer at home for my 64-bit system at work. Does this make a difference? Is that why MagicISO lists the file as non-bootable? Do I have to burn the file on a 64-bit OS?

MagicISO is broken - I've been using it for years, but the latest release is severely damaged and mangles all boot records on CDs. I even use it to prepare certain virtual ISOs for EasyBCD - it ruins the El Torito bootsector each and every time with such incredible consistency that it can have only been by design :smile:

Use ImgBurn to burn the ISO. It's free, and it works:
Burning ISO Images with ImgBurn - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki