Question regarding duel boots and installing Windows 7...


Hello there.
I'll admit, I mostly registered here to download the EasyBCD beta, but I also want to ask a precautionary question so I know what I'm doing: :tongueout:

Right now I have a duel boot of XP and Vista, each in their own partition on my hard drive. And for christmas I got a copy of Windows 7, and I want to upgrade my Vista up to 7.
So I just wanna know, is there anything I should know beforehand so XP still works? I used EasyBCD to make Vista the default OS again (since XP used to be the default from another boot editor I used) just in case, should that be enough?
I would appreciate an answer. :smile:
Hi sss, welcome to NST.
If you're upgrading Vista, W7 should take over the dual-boot transparently.
Even if it didn't, a simple add of an XP entry in the BCD using EasyBCD 2.0 would automatically do everything you need, for you.
Okay then, I didn't think it would cause too much of a problem anyways.
Will trying installing 7 now, thanks.


Alright, got it installed perfectly, thanks again! :smile:
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