Question with Dual-Boot via NeoSmart

I purchased a notebook for my Mother approximately 3 days ago, and I haven't let her given a go since it has Vista Home Premium installed by default. I wanted to install XP with a Korean MUI overit, via dualboot, so she can use both OS; one since it's native to the notebook and so she can get a feel for it, and one she needs for her computer training classes.

I've successfully installed XP, can dual boot as well. But the problem I had was I did not want Vista's drive to be displayed/accessible when XP is loaded into. The biggest problem is obviously when it comes to installing software. If by default the software dumps the info onto the C: Drive without the option to relocate, that could be an issue I guess, but I don't want my Mom needing to deal with all of that.

If I went ahead with the Hide-Vista XP Boot via NeoSmart, and I try to install a program that generally installs/loads into the C:, what would happen? Does a successful NeoGrub Boot make XP believe it is a C:, or will it retain the D: it is current associated with.

Because the easiest way I can think of to remove a drive to be "recognized" is to use TweakUI (the non-sanctioned MS program) and simply uncheck C: and it will hide it from XP, therefore retain all the restore points. But the reason why I don't like this method is the fact that the C: is still accessible if you simply type in C:\\ in a window. I want it totally barred, so XP has nothing to do with Vista.

Does NeoSmart do this?

Reason that I ask, I've attempted 3 times to get XP to boot via NeoSmart and I ended up having to fully restore Vista, then reinstall XP, etc. (a total of some 20 hours wasted, heh, my fault of course though). From missing System32/Hal.dll to unmountable boot?

So before I even attempt to do another NeoGrub Boot XP, I wanted to know if it totally hides Vista from XP. If a program that normally dumps files onto the C: would simply re-direct to the D:. Ex: HP Software Program does not give you the option to choose the directory it will dump the files, therefore it dumped it in the C: but installed on the D:. I don't want this to happen, but this is probably going to be a software/vendor issue than NeoSmart.

Much thanks if you've read this far, and that's probably going to be you CG.

Opps, I meant NeoGrub, not NeoSmart.
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Hi SilentBliss, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'm afraid NeoGrub won't do what you're looking for, it'll only hide a drive, not redirect/map the letters to one another.

What you want is for both to be drive C:, and the best way to do that is to install XP by booting from a CD and installing XP, then installing Vista by booting from the DVD and installing Vista.

When you boot from the CD it should assign itself drive C:
My only question now is, if I tried installing a program that normally dumps the file on the C:, will the NeoGrub boot pretty much tell the program there is no C: or will the program still be able to dump it onto the Vista Partition. Simply because I can use an extrator program for software that strictly dumps in C:; so that wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for the response, CG.