Question with Linux/XP/Vista boot

Mak 2.0

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Okay now i have Vista/Ubuntu as my boot config. But i have to go back to XP. I was thinking about doing a triple boot with Vista in there as well. But not to sure of that. The thing is i have GRUB installed. I tried to follow you instructions Guru on how to put GRUB on the Linux partition but it didnt work.

So now i have to format and install XP. But doing so will get rid of GRUB. Is there gonna be a easy way to get GRUB back so that i can still dual boot?
OK, let's cheat a bit :smile:

Open /boot/grub/menu.lst.
Copy its contents (post them here if here if you like - that way they'll never get lost :grinning:)

Install XP.
Reinstall the Vista Bootloader with EasyBCD.
Install NeoGrub.
Copy your old menu.lst to NeoGrub's menu.lst
All done. :wink:
Sadly i had already installed XP before you responded. Vista was just being to slow for me. Had to speed it up a bit with XP again. :lol:

I will just google for how to restroe GRUB with Ubuntu LiveCD. See how that works.
What happens when you follow the part in the Wiki about reinstalling GRUB to the bootsector with Super GRUB Disk?
The SuperGRUB disc worked perfectly. I completely forgot about trying to use that. It found my Ubuntu install and put GRUB back. So GRUB is my main loader between Ubuntu & XP. I will install Vista again shortly but for now i want XP back to mess with SP3.

Thanks for the tip Guru. You are a great.
Yeah, SGD is awesome - it's one of the few physical discs I have lying around (along with Acronis Disk Director and True Image)!