Sorry, the recovery disk hosted here contains no Vista installation files. It's just the "repair startup" section of the Vista DVD, provided to enable OEM PC owners who were not provided with a bootable disk, but only a recovery partition.
It's a supplement to that recovery partition, to be used when the ability to boot from it has been lost.
To restore your PC to factory settings, you need to boot from the recovery partition provided by the OEM (try F11 at power-up).
If that partition has been deleted to recover the space it consumes, then you'll need to contact the OEM for replacement media, for which they'll make a nominal charge. (still cheaper than buying a new copy of Vista)
Alternatively, if you have a friend with a Vista DVD, you can legitimately use it to install a fresh copy of Vista on your PC, provided you use the serial number from your PC, not the one from the DVD.