Quick Debian Question.

toxic chicken

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i need to access my usb flash drive from debian.

it's a u3 cruzer micro 2gb, and the filesystem is fat.

it recognizes it when i plug it in, but i'm not sure how to get to the files.
oh - I didn't know you were running a bare-bones system:

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/myUSB

That should work for you - you can then access it by
cd /mnt/myUSB

If that doesn't work then it's not sda1, meaning you have a SCSI or SATA drive attached to the PC. In that case try sdb1.
That means you don't have the required dev tools installed.
Linux sucks because of dependencies. You need to get GCC, and a bunch of other programs installed in order to use the make command.
thanks, and i was trying to install ndiswrapper when i found out make didn't work. because i needed to install all that, i was considering going back to windows nt if it would work in that somehow.