Quick instructions for using Easy BCD with Windows 7

I've been using Easy BCD to dual boot Vista and Fedora Linux for over a year now. But I'm now getting a computer which is running Windows 7. (It will be a 64 bit machine in case that makes any difference.) Windows 7 is installed on the first disk and I plan to install Fedora Linux on a seond disk with grub put in the /boot partition. So I won't be able to boot Linux directly until I set up the Windows 7 boot loader to dual boot. The documentation for Easy BCD keeps referring to Vista, and I seem to remember when I last looked that there might be some complications or special steps that needed to be taken with Windows 7.

Can you give me a quick reference that instructs me how to install Easy BCD under Windows 7 so I can dual boot Windows and Fedora Linux? As I said, I did this previously with a Vista system, so although I don't remember the details, they should come back pretty quickly. But I would rather not waste a lot of time searching for the proper documentation.
I can’t speak to the issue of using two hard drives. I found setting up the option to boot to Fedora exceedingly easy as Fedora uses GRUB-1. This gives you the option in Easy BCD to point to what partition you want to associate with the Fedora OS boot listing.

Regarding documentation, be aware that documentation that relates to dual booting Linux and Windows Vista is equivalent to booting Linux and Windows 7.

Fedora Instructions:
Fedora - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Ubuntu Instructions:
Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

The Ubuntu instructions have prettier pictures. The main difference between the two Linux OS loads is that Fedora will be using GRUB-1 or GRUB Legacy.