Quick Question about command line

I'm curious,
Is there any command line options for EasyBCD? I know the purpose of EasyBCD is to basically remove the yucky command line interface that Vista offers, but does it maintain any kind of command line functionality?

The reason i ask is this: I'm an administrator in a lab that re-images once and a while, we have 2 partitions with vista and some with linux. But, even if i set up the image to use easybcd with all the boot loader options i want, when i send it to another computer, only the current active partition gets booted into. Ideally, automating this function would be best, so setting up a script to change the settings would be wonderful (since i already use start up scripts to change just about everything else). So basically, is there a command line option for easybcd that just plain isn't as messy or picky as Vista?

If not, could you please move this post the the requested features.
Hiya Hunter,

Currently, EasyBCD doesn't have any command-line support..

By using the "Export/Backup" feature then importing on the other machine, you can get the bootloader settings copied over to another machine, but Linux wouldn't work.

The ideal solution (and works in 1.61 perfectly):
1) Set up the Vista partitions in EasyBCD.
2) Set up NeoGrub to boot into Linux.
3) Backup the BCD with EasyBCD.
4) Backup the C:\NST\ Folder
5) Restore the BCD backup on the other machine.
6) Restore C:\NST\ from the other machine.

That should do the trick.

(Note: instead of step 2, you could also use the Grubless-Linux feature in 1.61, that would also port to another machine just fine.)