Quite the little boot issue


Hello everyone, Krome here, looking for any guidance or suggestions that are out there to be made. Now on to the issue, and I hope you don't mind a bit of reading. >.<

I am running Vista Home Premium 32-bit on an HP Pavilion Slimline. I've had the computer for nearly 2 years, and it has run without problems. However, within the last few days, it began occasionally freezing up. When it did, the mouse, keyboard, and monitor were all completely locked up and did not seem to send any signals whatsoever. They would occur every 15 minutes or so, and lasted probably 10 seconds each. However, the next day, they became more frequent and lasted longer. I virus scanned multiple times, without finding anything. Eventually it got to the point where it would freeze up permanantly, and the only option is to power down manually.

In addition to that, when I first power on the computer, it takes roughly 5 minutes or more, varying each time, to receive any signal to the monitor, keyboard, or any other accessories. Furthermore, whenever I try to boot normally into windows, it will freeze during the loading screen in which the green bar appears, not allowing me to get in at all. Booting into "Safe Mode" seems to work just fine, though.

I have tried all system recovery/restore actions, as well as restoring it to factory condition, in which it is now. I have also tried disabling all start-up programs and services, which apparently hasn't changed a thing, as the problem still persists.

Now, I may be mistaken and this may not be completely due to Vista, but I find it odd that Safe Mode would still work fine if were caused by anything else.

If you made it through reading this, then thumbs up to you. I appreciate ANY suggestions or ideas at all, as I have nearly no clue as to what direction to head in to attempt to fix this problem. If you need to know any other specifics to help you help me, I will do my best to fill them in.

Many thanks in advance,
Hi Krome, welcome to NST,
Have a look in the Event Log
(Control Panel/System/Performance/Advanced/Event Log)
and see if it lists errors that point you to a specific piece of faulty kit.
(Do you use wireless keyboard/mouse ? If so have you a couple of old PS2 replacements you could try to eliminate that as a possibliity ?)
Have you run Task Manager and checked during the freeze for any task that is CPU hogging ?
Thanks for the response. I went into the Event Viewer, however I'm not completely sure what I am looking for. Sorry that I'm not the most tech savvy out there, but if you could point me in the write direction, I'd appreciate the help.

And both my keyboard and mouse are wired, so I don't believe that is the problem.

I have looked at the CPU usage and have not noticed any major spikes that would relate to the computer getting caught up.

I briefly talked to HP tech support, who first suggested it may be a RAM problem, and then suggested ordering a recovery disk. I've been looking into both of these a bit, but I'd still like to hear any other suggestions anyone may have.

Thanks again,
The top center pane will contain a long list of timestamped entries with warning or error flags.
Click on any one and the pane below will give more detail.
I can't tell you what to look for, having no idea what's wrong.
Just examine the errors with appropriate timestamps for the occasions when this happened and see if anything stands out
There is a good amount of instances in the "Error" category, mainly from the sources of "Servicing" and "DistributedCOM". I don't see any immediate connections between those and the occasions when my issue occurred, but I will continue to look.
Either of these just happen to ring a bell as being possible problem-causers?

I appreciate the help