Ramdiskoptions - can't change description

This is my first post - I hope I'm doing it in the right way/place...

I've searched, and one person seems to have had the same problem as mine, but with no reported solution.

I have substituted the existing winre.wim for an ERD Commander 2009 R2 iso (renamed winre.wim) on a Windows 7 Laptop and added it to the boot menu using EasyBCD and it all works absolutely fine. I just can't get the description in the boot menu to display anything other than "Ramdiskoptions". As far as I can see I've tried all the options in EasyBCD (stable and Beta) to rewrite MBR, rebuild boot etc. but to no avail. The description I place in EasyBCD does appear in the Startup and Recovery" dialogue box in Windows but not in the boot menu.

A solution anyone?

And for the record: EasyBCD is simply awesome! Surely the most incredible utility so far this century.

Addendum: I even edited the description in the MBR the old-fashioned way using bcedit but that didn't change anything.
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You don't mention "change settings".
I take it you tried that first (and remembered to click "save setttings")
You need to delete the old entry and recreate it with 2.0.

Simply changing the name will have no effect. This is a known issue with 1.7.2
Thanks Computer Guru, that worked for me.

I believe I read somewhere in the introduction to EasyBCD that you should start with the 'stable' release before upgrading to the Beta, so I curbed my natural urge to dive straight in with the Beta and checked-out 1.72 first.

I created my entry with 1.72 before replacing it (the app) with 2.0 Beta 81, then tried changing the entry with 2.0 and it wasn't working.

It didn't occur to me to delete the entry in 2.0 and then recreate it, and that is the answer, so problem solved.

(BTW, I got an "unhandled exception" error when I applied the new WIM entry in 2.0, but I clicked on 'continue' and it succeeded anyway).
Yeah, I've seen that happen (unhandled exception) with WIMs in 2.0 several times, not sure what's causing it. It always goes away by itself, I probably need some lone time with the code to fix it up.

Glad it worked out. Welcome to the community! Perhaps if you'll stick around - share some knowledge and learn some knowledge :smile: