Help !. I have several hundred DVD-R dvds with stored data mainly photographsm tet, vob and fly files. Many of the Dvds show up in PROPERTIES as RAW files. I am not sure if that means that the files are incorerectly being read by Windows or that the disk has been damaged, ( i am very reckless with my dvd diska). I don't believe tht they are damaged as some of them state CDFS as the file format, and those I can see. Also my DVD drive switches back and forth between cd and dvd and frequently gives me the error message , "D: drive not recogized. this seems to be a classic dilema to many people. I also see a line in my PATH= ROXIO SHARED DLL., even though I deleted all references to ROXIO and all Roxio files as I though this may be causing the problem. DO i NEED another hardrive a program that reads RAW files, is my windows xp explorer files corrupt, once in a while I will see a dvd with Raw files listed as file type and I will be able to see them. Also sometimes I can view the photographs in my Dvd video player with sd card features. the files are there, but they won't be seen, even when I see the Full blue graph in the properties as disk is full. help !
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Did you make sure that after you burned the DVD's that they were finalized so that they could be read on another PC? If not then your gonna be outta luck.
I haven't had the time to check them out on another dvd player or even computer. I purchased a cheap system from Ebay, but it didn't evenhave a dvd drive, so i hd to purchase another. external dvd drive, I am hoping that that this will solve the problem. also I bwelieve that i may have burned some of them using free downloaded dvd software which is not longer viable as the trial period ended. (BAD MISTAKE) also I think i fumbled around with the format propertes under ROXIO changing which file system to use without the proper updates. so all is not lost, just will have to purchase software that can convert lost headers into ISO image files to be reburnt.