RC2 - 5744 Trend PC-Cillin Update Fails Error 28


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If anyone find a working security coftware please post it here. I tried all the fixes given at Trend's website.

Damn... that one is gone too?!

Sh!t... what if we have to use NORTON!?????????????????????????

I'm dling RC2 still, how is it?
LOL......a fate worse than death....! I'm beginning to wonder if it's a server problem as only a handful of people have complained so far. Mind you it's early days for RC2 as many haven't downloaded it yet.

I can always reinstall. I switched to Avast in the meanwhile but it's only A/V. I preferred PC-Cillin for the firewall included.

Darned Trend Micro(brains) don't offer support for the product unless you pay for it.
lol, well that's understandable though :wink:

From the error page it doesn't actually seem like a Vista-related issue... hope it gets fixed whatever is causing it!
If only software makers had honest error pop-ups...it turned out to be a server outage...for 2-3 days I may add. It's all working again now.
Avast! Home works just fine on Rc2 and updates. I have been using it since i installed RC2 without a problem. Still trying to find a Nero that works though. How can they say this is close to RTM when there isnt a burning software that works. I refuse to use Roxio.
It's up to Nero to make sure their software works with Vista, not the other way round. I did read somewhere that someone got Nero 6.6 to work.
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Hi Mak, been a while!

Some advice: Forget Nero
Use ImgBurn... it's the same thing except free, not bloated, and fully compatible.

Oh, and it's a bit more powerful too.
Hey CG. Sorry been busy you know how it is. I am trying out your advice on ImgBurn and see how it goes. Also a bit of advice for those of use trying to use VIsta full time. Drop the AV and get OneCare 1.5 Beta. Runs on Vista and it has the firewall/spyware/virus protection.


I currently have it installed and it doesnt lag the system at all and full protection with a Windows Live ID. That will get rid of the 180 Day limit. :unamused:

Will let you know how that ImgBurn turn out.

ImgBurn is great for burning ISO's and that. What about regular files. Like Music Cd's and that. Any software out there that i can use for that on Vista. If so then i wont have to install XP again and just stick with Vista full time. :grinning:
Latest version of ImgBurn does that great...

From the menu bar:
Mode | Build

That lets you put files instead of images.