re-create/ repair boot files

i am running XP on my computer but i have connected another HDD with broken vista on it. i am trying to repair boot files but when i press "perform now" it tells me option only available on vista or windows 7. i know usually i will have to run the program (easybcd) on vista or windows 7, but everything else works just that particular task. would i really need to run easybcd on a vista or windows 7 machine?

thanks in advance


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Even if you were able to use this, it won't work - it'll only fix the boot for the _current_ boot hard disk. The second Windows 7 HDD will not be repaired.

What you need to do is place the Windows 7 HDD back in its rightful computer, burn yourself a copy of our restore CD, and follow the instructions on Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
hi !!
may i ask what ths buttton do?
i use it and after try to restart but i get a black screen kistening the hard drive trying to work and the blinkin light of HDD/
what excactly i erase?someone knows?
sorry for intruding in ths thread.i am desperate.i need my pc working till 2moro.
thank u


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Please see the extensive documentation at EasyBCD