Re-Format. What order should I Install


I currently have a dual boot of XP MCE and Vista x64 on separate Raid 0 drives with Vista being the primary boot.

Since I originally building this machine I have changed the CPU 3 x, changed motherboards like 5 times, Video card and drivers more times tan I can remember, accidentally deleted some needed files and registry entries, and made many software changes. I think it's time for a fresh format and install. The problem is I set this up a long time ago and can't remember the best way to go about it.

I think this is the order but am not sure. Could someone confirm if this is how I should do it?
1. Install Vista
2. Install XP
3. Rebuild boot .ini on Vista with Vista disk
4. Install Easy BCD on Vista
5. Configure Boot with BCD
6. Apply backups
7. Install all other software

Thermaltake Kandolf LCS
PC Power&Cooling 750Quad
Intel Core 2 Q9550 (3.6G 1800 x8)
8G DDR2 (8G G.Skill, 900mhz 5-5-5-15- 2T)
EVGA 280 GTX 700/1200
2x WD 150G Raptor (Raid 0 Win Vista x64)
2X WD 250G (Raid 0 Win XP MCE)
1 Seagate 400G (Backups and Media)
2X 250G Externals (more Backups and Media)
Hi bx, welcome to NST.
You're almost right.
But step 3 is to repair the Vista BCD and bootmgr (boot.ini is strictly for XP - nothing to do with Vista)
and step 0 (the most important) is back-up all your user data to external storage before you start.
Step 0.5 read the sticky thread, particularly point (2) in your case where you'll find links to several "how to" guides.
The MS prefered method of dual-booting is older OS before newer (then you don't need to repair the Vista boot) Only if you put an older system on after the newer, will the newer boot be damaged.
Some of us still put Vista before XP because of the preferred disk lettering. (the first system will be C:\
You have to decide how you want the finished dual-boot to look (if it's of any importance to you) to work out what the order of installing the systems should be.