Re-Install Vista from "Vista Anytime Upgrade" Disc?


Hello all

My son's laptop got banged and the hard drive is now a clicking, beeping mess. We are replacing it.

Naturally, creating a system restore disk never made it to the top of his priority list, and now we are scratching our heads figuring out how to re-install Windows on the replacement drive.

I have read in several posts here that the "Vista Anytime Upgrade" CD, which we do have, contains Vista and that we can re-install from this disc, using the Product Key that is on the Vista sticker on the laptop's underside.

Is this true?

If it is true, then...Can you tell us specifically what do we have to do to run the disc after inserting a brand new, completely blank hard drive (with no operating system) into the machine? In other words, do I have to set up the laptop to boot from the CD drive, or....or...

Many thanks! Looking forward to getting him off of my wife's desktop! :happy:

Nice guide. I see it doesn't mention anything about the "Vista Anytime Upgrade" CD, which is all we have.

Can we use this disc to install Vista Home Basic?

Thanks again.