Re-install XP on old drive when Vista is main OS


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I installed my old drive w/XP in my new computer w/Vista. I backed up all the data on the XP drive and want to reinstall XP on the old drive so it will work with the new computer/hardware. I put the XP disk in while running Vista, but it won't let me install from there. Do I have to install from a command prompt? If so, what do I type in at the prompt to get XP to reinstall on the old drive?

Thanks. So I do a full install. It will be able to recognize the old drive? I can access files from the old drive, but it won't run any programs!!! I just don't want it to install over Vista, which I'm sure it won't....but not wanting to create more problems.


I followed your directions, but when it came time to choose where to install, it only gave me the c: drive, which is my vista drive. It didn't show the f: drive, where xp is installed.
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It wont run applications but it will be able to see the drive. It will also be able to access soem files.

As for the isntall issue is it a SATA drive?
Both are IDE yet XP doesnt see it? That is strange. Are you sur eyou avhe it hooked up as a slave drive?
Yes. It's hooked up as a slave drive.


I just realized that the new drive is SATA. It has the thinner red cable instead of the wide cable. Does that make a difference???
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Yes it does. That means you have to find the make/model of your mother board so that you can get the SATA drivers. Do you have a floppy drive? You will have to get the floppies from the manufacturer's website and put them on a floppy drive then use the F6 to install 3rd party drivers to allow XP to see the new drive to install to it.
I'm going to try physically disconnecting the new (vista) drive. I'll do a reinstall on the old (xp) drive. Once that's done I'll reconnect the new drive. That way the old drive will 'recognize' all the new hardware. Sound good?!?


We're typing at the same time it seems. I have a floppy drive Yes. What drivers do I need to get??? I'm not sure I have any floppies lying around
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Alright well i can direct you on this easily. Download CPUz from:

Now extract that and run the executable. That will give you all the system info you need. It will give the make and model of your motherboard. Either that or you can just look at the manufacturer site for them. Who is the maker of the PC?

As for your query. I dont quite understand what you mean by it. You are going to disconnect the Vista drive then install on the XP Drive? I dont get what you exactly mean there.
Elitegroup 945GCT-M3 Driver Download

It shoudl be those drivers there. That is the ones i found via a google search for you motherboard. They should extract and be able to be put onto a floppy. Then during the install right before it starts to load files it shoudl flash on the bottom "Hit F6 now to install 3rd party drivers" that is when you hit F6 and load the drivers from the floppy.
Can I use a CD instead? I ran into problems with the file. It loaded when I clicked on it trying to extract it to the CD. When I rebooted, it had to 'fix' something.
I'm back!!!

It appears I don't have a floppy drive. I have an empty bay for it....duh. I tried to put the drivers on a CD and on an SD memory card with no luck. What now?
Well now the only other way i know of to acomplish getting the drivers onto the install CD is to slipstream them with nlite. Which basically creates a ISO of the install disc using your current CD and then adds the drivers to it. I dont know if this is something you wish to try or not.
Well first you need to get nlite:

nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation - Download

Install that. Create a folder on your desktop called XP. The run Nlite. It will ask you to insert your CD and from there you will have the fiels get stored in the folder you jsut created. Then it is pretty self explainatory after that. Just go to the next step. Add the drivers and continue on. Make you you check the box for bootable ISO and create the ISO. then use a app like Nero or ImgBurn to nrun the new CD to a CD and try it out.
Ok, that's all done. I ran the nLite program, checked drivers and bootable ISO, saved the ISO and burned to a CD.

Now do I just boot with the CD in?
Assuming everything went right, you'd just install Windows as normal, but this time the nLite'd CD will recognize your SATA drive... hopefully :smile:

Good luck.