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I have Vista Home Premium & Win XP Home on a dual boot machine using EasyBCD.
The XP install BSODs at logon with a c000021a and 0xc00000139 message. I know it's not EasyBCD at fault, and have determined that it's a corruption of the system files. I've googled and found many suggested possible files which I've expanded from my XP disk from the Vista OS. No joy. I thought about a repair, but a repair installation option isn't available from the RC, if I try it, the XP disk tries to perform a new installation.
I'd like to know if there are any other possible options before re-installing XP, AND if I have to do that, I also want to install Win7 to replace Vista so would like some details on how to approach the task (re-install XP and replace Vista with Win7) The system has 4 hard drives, Vista and XP are on the first, which is divided into two partitions, C: & F: respectively. There is also an Adaptec HDD controller in the system and all 4 HDDs are connected via SATA.
Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Well XP is defunct as you probably know, but you could I suppose try to repair it using the System File Checker tool from a Command Prompt window.
See: How To Use SFC Scannow to Repair Windows System Files - note it mentions you will probably need the XP installation disk handy as it will ask for it, and from my past experience with XP, frequently, so frequently I simply left the disk in the drive in the end and kept telling it to continue.
Vista is what I'm using right now and extended support on it doesn't expire until 2017 so there's really no need to rush into Windows 7. Unless of course you want to take advantage of the offer Microsoft is making to Windows 7 and 8.1 users, when Windows 10 is released later this year: Win 7 and 8.1 users will be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 10 for one calendar year after the release date.

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I forgot to mention to try the readiness tool before thinking of updating: Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Official Microsoft Download Center
Many thanks for your reply, Peter.
I have tried scannow from a cmd line in Vista, using the offbootdir switch to point it at XP, but it refuses to run. I've used services config to turn on the relevant services, but still no joy. I seem to recall reading somewhere (though I might be wrong) that it didn't like running from a 64bit OS to check 32bit OS files. It works quite happily with the Vista OS files.
I appreciate your point regarding Vista, I have no particular issue with it, just that I happen to have an unused Win7 disk and thought I might as well use it if I'm having to reinstall XP (which is looking more likely.)


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Sorry I thought you could possibly boot into Safe Mode w/Command Prompt in XP - no? You can't run SFC on XP from Vista and especially a mix of 32 and 64 as you state.
I guess the only solution there then would be to wipe it and start over - maybe with your 7 media..
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