Re-installing Windows 7


Hi New User

Dual boot XP/W7 both on the same drive, but with W7 on a shared partition.

I need to remove Win7 so that I can reinstall it, I have the info how to do that with easyBCD 1.7 but a lot of things have changed in v2 as no "Manage Bootloader."

Quote from 1.7:
"All you have to do is remove the Windows 7 boot manager – in EasyBCD go to “Manage Bootloader”, select “Uninstall the Vista Bootloader” and then “Write MBR”. At the moment EasyBCD isn't aware of a distinction between Vista and Windows 7, but using this option still works fine.Vista and Windows 7, but using this option still works fine."


I found that my post was renamed and moved.

What I need is the Info to remove Win 7 as easyBCD 2 is not the same as V1.7, easyBCD 2 does not have a "Manage Bootloader" Like Uninstall the Vista Bootloader, or is this replaced with Install the Windows XP Bootloader to the MBR, then Write MBR..?

The "uninstall Vista...." was found to be ambiguous in practical use (a number of users made their systems unbootable because they thought they were uninstalling EasyBCD !)
So the current version makes it plain what's actually happening.
Install VIsta bootloader or Install XP bootloader.
If you're intending to reinstall W7, you don't need to change the bootloader.
That option is there if you are completely dumping Vista/7, and returning to a single-boot of vanilla XP, and you want the XP NTLDR back in charge of the boot process.
Hi Terry

I will be deleting the Windows 7 folder and will be doing a clean install, so are you saying that I dont have to reset the Dual boot back to XP..

As I thought that the Dual boot Info was stored in the Win7 Windows directory or the Partition that its on.

The Boot folder is on the XP C: drive.

All the boot files (for both systems) are in the "system" partition (Disk Management flags)
Whichever OS that is, a reinstall should automatically handle the dual-boot.
You might need to clean up a surplus W7 entry in the BCD just for neatness.

i need help!
i have bought a second hand laptop which i was told was installed with win7 ultimate but i have a pop up saying that it is not a real version and i need to verify it but i have no code.
the laptop originally came with vista and i would rather delete win7 and use basic vista than be faffing with fake software!
how do i delete the win7 and re-install the vista?
i dont have any files or extra software saved onto the laptop so deleting andything like that will not be a problem.

someone please help!!! i am hopless with technology and need my laptop working in time to start back at uni!!!!!

What's the make of PC ?
Different OEMs have different ways of getting to the onboard "factory reset" facility, which should put Vista back, provided that whoever installed W7 didn't cripple that first.