Re-set BCD - and should not have !


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I just messed up!! I've been trying to get my PC to dual boot. It came with a W7 pro (64bit) OS and I placed a XP pro (32 bit) OS on a second drive within the case.
Until today both drives have booted into their respective OS's but with awkward access using Paragon Hard disk Manager, which I do not think I enabled properly.
Anyway to try to put it right and at the suggestion of one of the Paragon support team I downloaded EasyBCD only to foul up once more by using the "Re-set BCD configuration tool"
The W7 drive came with the OS pre-installed where the suppliers had put a recovery partition infront of the System partition and it appears that the Boot file is on that first partition which started life as Drive I: and the W7 System partition as C: . As I am having to use the XP drive to write this Drive I: is shown as I: the C: System drive is shown as H: (with the XP drive claiming the C: letter)
Since re-setting the BCD the ADD New Entry section is allocating the letter "C" to the EasyBCD device, so the only variable letter is that for the W7 partition. This combination will infact start W7 - but it is no longer recognised as a genuine W7 OS. Is there any way I can get around this? Any help will be much appreciated.