re: the recovering the vista bootloader instructions??


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type 2 method using the diagnostic center/reset BCD storage requires that we choose the drive letter... which seems simple enough unless

As i have used the OS installation system (boot from CDs) that lets you install on different drives but have WHICHEVER OS is in charge be on drive C:

So if I am in Vista it is running on drive C which is the 2nd drive in box and if on XP I am on drive C which is the 1st drive in box.

So I am very reluctant to use type 2 method as I am having enough problems already. AND NOW that i have read type 3 method CRAPOLA
I think it would be a lot clearer if it asked for physical drive location???
The drive lettering is not physically attached to the HDD like the label. It's just an entry in the registry of the booted system.
When you boot Vista as C:\ It calls XP something other than C. It doesn't know (or care) what XP calls itself when XP is booted.
It's what the system you're running on calls the drives that you use.