Real Newbie Help Question Regarding Install - Please help! thx


Hi guys,
Real newbie here that's very excited to get a dual boot going but very confused. Is there a step by step sticky/instruction on what to do?
Ive read a lot of different things some from sounding very complicated to others that sound almost to easy to be true.

In my case I just bought a new computer and it has vista on it and my old computer has xp. I would like to take physically take the drive out of my old computer and install into the new one. No need to partiion or anything like that.

I'm hoping it’s a simple as I've read where I install the drive, down load and install and I'm good to go. That would be wonderful but some how doubt its that simple.

If someone could point me the right direction that would be great!
Thx guys!
Well to take out the drive and put it in the new PC is the right steps. But you will have to repair XP. As the hardware will be different and XP will not work with new hardware.

From there you jsut use EasyBCD like in the documentation and you should be all set.

Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
great thank you for the qucik support!! what do you mean by repair XP? I don;t plan to do anythign like print or such in xp, i have a couple of program on xp that i cannot get to work on vista so i plan to use xp in a limited capacity just for those progarams. Other than install Easybcd - which I'm guessing i do in Vista is there anything else
How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

A repair install just replaces the Windows files. Not yoru personal files. This is done because Windows does not play well with new hardware. So if you tried to boot you would end up with a system that crashed.

Doing a repair install with the XP CD will prevent this.
Thx for the quick reply! What do you mean by Repair XP? All I plan to do is run a couple program that I have on my old hard drive that I can't get to work in Vista. I don't plan to print, burn or anything in XP mode.
So I'm guessing all i need to do is install EasyBCD on Vista and install the XP drive and i shoudl be good to go. ( i hope!) is there anything else?


sorry i just got ur reply now, please disreagrd the duplicate posting
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