Rebuilding boot.ini produced a 4gb NTLDR!!!


I just watched NTLDR on my system partition grow to 4gb!!!

I was :frowning:fiddling:frowning: with easyBCD and said "autoconfigure boot.ini" and WHAMO!
filled my 5GB system aprtition. I'll probably delete it and attempt a reboot.

well, maybe not- I installed easyBCD to attempt top fix my win7 x64/svr08 R2x64 dual boot problem that appeared after installing th3e intrel chi[set drivers in win7 and made my win7 unable to boot.

Anyhow running under SVR2008 R2 x64.

Want more info? An obvious bug!??!
Absolutely.. Please do share as much info as you can.

First and foremost: what build of EasyBCD 2.0 is this? Because this is a known issue in *older* EasyBCD 2.0 builds that I (thought I had) fixed several builds back.

The latest build of EasyBCD is available from
Just downloaded 15 minutes ago...

Anyhow I am NOT actually booting ANY 2003 or previous kernals, can I delete that NTLDR w/o affecting my existant win7/svr08 boot config?
Yes, you may safely delete it; that shouldn't pose any problems.

Can you please try

EasyBCD | Useful Utilities | Power Console
BootGrabber.exe /list

And copy & paste the results here?
Just downloaded 15 minutes ago...

Anyhow I am NOT actually booting ANY 2003 or previous kernals, can I delete that NTLDR w/o affecting my existant win7/svr08 boot config?

I'll add that during the "rebuild", there was an existant Win2003 SVR install on a nonbootable disk on the system.


uum,.. bootgrabber has stopped working....


oops sorry about that meesy insert.
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Have XP on old drive, installed Win 7 OEM on new blank drive, it never saw the xp install or offered up any dual boot options, installed EasyBCD Beta 2 build 76 on XP boot, manually pointed it to the BCD on the 200 MB system partition on the Win 7 drive, added entry for the XP boot and got the huge NTLDR file on the XP drive. Gonna go experiment.


Note that I am picking which drive to boot to with bios boot menu. I pick an IDE drive for the xp boot, one of two sata drives for the win 7 boot. The win 7 boot is the one I'm trying to multi-boot with. I am booting into XP to run EasyBCD to try the setup. Had tried doing it from Win 7 boot earlier 1.7.2 ? version. Maybe I'll try that again with beta version.

Replaced ntldr and with backups - back to original state. Recreated XP boot entry with EasyBCD, it pointed to drive C: and changing not allowed while creating it. Went to view entry and is showed pointing to \ntldr on F:, the 100 MB system partition for Win 7. Went back to edit tab which now showed F: and would let me change it to c: and it did store correctly that time.

Upon boot to boot loader XP, hung for a little like it was trying, then it completely rebooted on its own. Copied ntldr and from your Profiles directory to the XP drive, tried again, this time it said invalid boot.ini file, tried ntdetect from c:\windows and failed.

Said heck with it, enough for one night. Also, when saving config to a bcd file with your backup, it says saved in status bar but no file is ever created.

Don't need the dual boot this bad. It's not being at all easy. Some other time...


Very sweet. Installed the beta in the Win 7 boot and the world is right again. Recreated the XP boot entry and it automatically installed the ntldr and properly. Saves backup bcd files properly now too. Apparently it's not completely compatible with my XP boot.

Works very well now. Can have bios boot to the Win 7 drive, will boot to whichever is the default and I can change which is the default with EasyBCD in either boot. Good deal.
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