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When I downloaded the torrent it saves as a rar, not with that special icon for .iso, I'm pretty new with isos but I didn't change anything and I'm using utorrent, which I'm not really new with, please help?

Yeah, you definitely downloaded the wrong file. The recovery disk torrent hosted here is a .iso.torrent file, not a .rar.torrent file. Where did you download your torrent from? Download the torrent from the link Justin provided, and you will see it is a .iso.torrent file. So what you do with that file is you "add" it to your torrent client (in this case, Utorrent), and use the torrent to download the actual .iso file, which you then burn to a CD with ImgBurn.

There is a problem where "hide known filetypes" is ticked and a particular piece of software has grabbed the association for .ISO (can't remember offhand what the program is now - this is from over a year ago), where a downloaded ISO file can mistakenly appear to be .RAR
Make sure you're displaying filetypes and check whether it's really an ISO in hiding.
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