Recover Norton Ghost Image


My primary drive had Windows Vista OS 64-bit and I created an image on a slave drive. My primary drive crashed and I had a new primary drive installed that came with windows 7. I went through the Norton Ghost recovery procedure to recover my saved image (which used vista OS) and it overwrote my windows 7 but it now gives me a boot manager missing error. I tried using the reovery essentials ISO CD using attempt automated repair however this did not work. At this time I am unable to locate my OEM vista CD. Please help
thanks, the automated repair did not work so I went on to the option 2 command prompt. I fixed the MBR and bootectors successfuly but when I tried to rebuild the BCD it gave me a path not found. I tried C, D and E for the boot drive but none worked. Should I just keep trying letters or is there another way to find out the proper drive letter
Was able to get into my hard drive using the norton ghost recovery disc. I see that the image is restored and contains all my old files that I lost when the old hard drive crashed so I was able to tranfer them to my laptop. I also see here that windows is installed on the C: drive so I'm not sure why I got the path not found error when I tried to repair the bcd through the command prompts. Any suggestions?
Windows 7, unless you personally take measures to prevent it, will normally be installed with its boot files in an unlettered active partition, which by default is called "System Reserved"
Windows 7 was installed on the new drive however part of the process to recover the ghost image is to delete whatever is on the drive and since the image was created when I had vista installed this is the OS I am trying to repair I believe. Not sure if the unlettered partition applies to vista as well but if that is the case what should I input for the file locations when I'm trying to repair the bcd? Thank you