Recover Vista after XP inst


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I have my HDD with Vista configured like this:

C: - Primary Partition (Vista)
D: - Extended Partition
E: - Extended Partition

Then I had a unallocated free space in my HDD and installed XP on it.
Now I can't see Windows Vista, because as I read XP overwrites the MBR and Vista isn't recognized to boot.

I've tried all the ways I found on forums to resolve this but Vista won't boot no matter what I do.

In D: and E: extended partitions I have critical information and I want to know if anyone know a way to save that data and even if I can restore Vista to boot the data would be available?

Thanks in advance to any help...


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Hello jorijo, welcome to NST.
Boot from your Vista dvd, and run Startup Repair 3 times (since it can only fix one thing per pass). Then, once you're back in Vista, simply add an "../NT/XP" Type entry with the latest beta build, which will automate the whole process of configuring boot.ini, and putting NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM in the "system" partition for you.