Recovered Vista, but programms don´t work


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I also tried to recover an old Vista installation (unfortunately installed Vista again, instead of repairing it). I used these instructions How to restore a computer to a previous Windows installation after you install Windows Vista , because I didn´t know your instructions. Actually it worked quite well, I could start the older Vista version. Everything looked like before all the files and drivers are there, but I can´t start the programms. Actually they start, but the they ask me to reinstall some files. Is that normal? Should I reinstall them, or can I copy it out of the old version. Or did I do anything wrong while recovering Vista?

Any help would be great.


Hi Gavin, welcome to NST
Most 3rd party software written for windows since the turn of the millenium, makes use of the registry to store lots of information when you install it.
You're probably in the state where your 3rd party apps are physically present, but not actually installed.
Copy any of your personal user data they might have saved inside sub-folders of the program folders to a safe place (if you're not already saving it in Documents or User/yourid/..... folders) and reinstall the apps, then you can copy the user data back if there is any.