Recovering a partition


Hi there I would like to know how to recover a linux partition using EasyBCD I have fedora core 6 installed on my hard drive everything was well when I had xp mce running dualboot using grub. But now after upgrading xp to vista I have lost grub and would like to know how to restore my dual boot again so that I may use my linux again . Thanks for your help
open easybcd, click on "Add/remove entries", go to the "linux/bsd" tab, set the type to grub, give it a name, and set the drive/partition. if you aren't sure what it is, go to disk management and look for the linux partition. it will have a drive number to the left, and the partitions are nubered from left to right starting at 1.
Thanks I tried what you wanted but all I get is a blilnking cursor in the upper left corner I am curious if vista didnt overwrite a bit of the partition I had left the linux partition on my hard drive when it was a dual boot using grub . My old hard drive (only hard drive ) first part was xp mce and the next part was fedora core 6 . I dont knwo what to do here is I need to write something in vista hardd rive search only shows the one os on hard drive but that was normal cause xp couldnt see fedora either I would just liek to get back what I had on the 2nd part of drive without haveing to reinstall it . Thanks for your help
can you go to control panel > administrative tools > computer management > disk management and post a screenshot here?

if it's still there, you just want the data, and it was an ext2/3 partition, you can use this.
I tried that though thats when I get a blinking cursor . not to sure might just have to reinstall it if I can or fix the boot loader unless there are any more ideas out there yet
Hi Stand, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Toxic is right, it should work *if* GRUB was installed to the bootsector and *not* the MBR.
However, it seems that you used to have GRUB installed to the MBR, and therefore, this won't work.

You have two options.

1) Use a linux boot disk and run grub-install to install grub to the bootsector of the partition in question
2) Instead of installing "linux" in EasyBCD, pick to install "NeoGrub" instead. Then you'll need to configure the menu.lst file for NeoGrub the same way you would a new linux GRUB boot menu.
Well I don tknow what else to do I am kinda still to new to all this but I think I am going to just reinstall fedora core 6 tonight and remove the old partition thanks for all your help guys
No problem Stang, but here's some advice:

When installing FC6, when you get the option to install GRUB, choose to install it to the *bootsector* and not the MBR.
Then you can add it as a regular Linux partition in EasyBCD.