Recovering Vista after XP reinstall?



I had an XP/Vista dualbooting system. It worked fine. So, the C: had boot folder and Vista BCD.
However, I had to reinstall XP at one point. SO I wiped out the partition during install, re-created it and installed XP. Which also means that the MBR was overwritten, and the c:\boot that existed earlier was wiped out as well.
Now, I followed some tutorials from this website to recover Vista, but it doesn't work, namely, bootsect.exe doesn't exist in vista recovery CD. SO the next steps are moot.

I can't find any meaningful Microsoft documentation on how to recover Vista either (surprise, surprise!!).
Is it possible to rebuild BCD?
Bootsect.exe is in the \boot folder of the CD drive.

So after you open a command prompt, switch to the CD drive (D:, most likely) and cd into the "boot" folder to execute the bootsect command.

Let me know if that works....
Thanks for the reply.
I tried Vista boot CD a few times, and when it rebooted, it finally managed to restore vista bcd. :smile:. I can now log into both.
But thank to EasyBCD, I was able to add XP also to the menu, else I am sure I wouldn't have been able to boot into XP. Thanks EasyBCD.